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Gulfcoast Emergency Ultrasound of the Pediatric Appendix and GI Tract

Emergency Ultrasound of the Pediatric Appendix and GI Tract Topics: Indications, application, and limitations of ultrasound evaluation of the pediatric

Gulfcoast Fetal Abdominal Abnormalities

Fetal Abdominal Abnormalities Topics: Ebstein’s anomaly Normal fetal GI tract anatomy and ultrasound characteristics Embryology facts Esophageal atresia Duodenal obstruction

Gulfcoast Fetal Anomalies

Fetal Anomalies Topics: Fetal anomalies/malformations of the Central Nervous System Fetal Chest Fetal Abdomen GI Tract Renal associated with Aneuploidy

Gulfcoast Fetal Heart Case Studies

Fetal Heart Case Studies Topics: Ebstein’s anomaly Mesocardia Echogenic cardiac Focus VSD ASD Cardiac Masses: Rhabdomyoma, Pericardial teratoma, fibroma, Myxoma

Gulfcoast Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma

Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma Topics: Ultrasound evaluation of the hemoperitoneum Ultrasound evaluation of the hemopericardium Ultrasound evaluation of

Gulfcoast Fetal Heart Screening

TOPICS Development of the Fetal Heart 4 Chamber View-Top 10 Checklist Evaluation of the Outflow Tracts: LVOT & RVOT 3

Gulfcoast Ultrasound Imaging Fundamentals: The Basics

TOPICS Sound Generation and Basic Principles Transducers System Controls & Image Quality Imaging Artifacts

Gulfcoast: Genetic Screening in the First & Second Trimester

Topics Reason for Ultrasound Genetic Screening Components of a Genetic Screening Sonogram Components of a Genetic Screening Sonogram Nuchal Translucency

Gulfcoast Interesting OB Case Studies

Topics: Hydrops Ebstein Anomaly Ectopia Cordis Congenital High Airway Obstruction Sequence (CPAM) Rhabdomyoma Persistent Right Umbilical Vein Choledochal cyst Umbilical

Gulfcoast Introduction to Gynecological Sonography

TOPICS GYN Landmarks Musculature Bladder & Ureters Vagina Uterus Endometrium Ligaments Cul-de-Sac (Pouch of Douglas) Fallopian tubes Ovaries GYN Protocol

Gulfcoast Introduction to Lower Extremity Arterial Testing (Videos+PDFs)

Topics/Speaker: Lower Extremity Arterial Anatomy and Physiology Indirect Arterial Testing Methods Pulse Volume Recording Segmental Pressures ABI – Ankle Brachial

Gulfcoast Introduction to Lung Ultrasound: The Basics

Topics: Lung imaging basic principles: transducer selection, sound interaction, imaging artifacts Ultrasound assessment of pneumothorax Ultrasound assessment of pleural effusion

The PassMachine Pediatric Critical Care Board Review (CME VIDEOS)

Learning Objectives: Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to: – Identify effects of biostatistics and clinical research design

Comprehensive Review in Pediatric Anesthesiology 2021 (CME VIDEOS)

Topics/Speakers Pediatric Perioperative Physiology Jakob Guenther, MD Pediatric Perioperative Pharmacology Jakob Guenther, MD Pediatric Airway and Ventilation Balazs Horvath, MD,

9th Annual Critical Care Refresher Course 2021 (CME VIDEOS)

Topics: Day 1 – 1 Extra Corporeal life support devices – 2 A Covid 19 Pathogenesis – 2 B Covid